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Why give to YWAM Las Vegas?

  • We are a 501 3(c) that has been working in partnership with the local government. We received a grant from the city of Las Vegas in 2007 for the purchase of our property to provide a variety of community resources to this neighborhood. The city was so impressed with our service to the community as they gathered the numbers that they handed the property over to us completely beginning Aug 21, 2013!  (
  • We are partnering with CBS radio here locally. Check out our service announcement:


Your Donation helps YWAM Las Vegas do the following:

  • Foster Connect has recruited 100’s and trained dozens of families in how to foster kids in the Las Vegas valley as well as helped place over 300 foster kids into Christian homes. In 2013 they had 17 adoptions that they were directly involved in.
  • Our community resource center continues to help around 500 locals per month with grocery assistance and youth mentorship for inner city teenagers.
  • More than 10,000 lives have been saved as a direct result of our first responder team. They have continued to expand their reach by deploying to the super typhoon in the Philippines.
  • We have helped start 17 new ministry centers North and West India, 7 new ministries centers in the Southern Region of Africa, and 2 new ministries centers in the US!
  • We are mobilizing 100’s to radical obedience to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. We have seen people set free from addictions in Las Vegas, churches planted in Burma, and girls rescued from human trafficking in Thailand and Nepal.
  • Over 4000 have given their lives to Jesus and many more to come. This summer alone over 100 have had encounters with God from a variety of nations. Just a couple weeks ago a couple of French tourists gave their lives to Jesus on the strip near the MGM Grand!


If you would like to donate via mail, please send all checks/cash to the address below. Add a sticky note to designate funds.

YWAM Las Vegas
PO Box 36606
Las Vegas, NV
89133 USA


Please make all checks out to YWAM.

* All donations are tax deductible.  DTS or other payment of fees are not tax deductible