Orphan Care DTS

What is a DTS?

The Discipleship Training School is a five month, life-changing, program designed to help you “Know God and make Him known”. It is a time for you to seek God’s face, hear His voice and discover who God made you to be. Putting aside all the distractions of life you can focus on Him and follow His command to make disciples of every people group on earth (Matt 28:19). It’s a time to step out of your comfort zone and give God your whole heart and your whole life. DTS will open your eyes to God’s heart for a hurting world and see Him use you to change it.

Lecture Phase

During the first 12 weeks of the Orphan Care DTS, you will experience impactful discipleship in a community setting with an emphasis on making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable—children without families! Weekly guest speakers coming from dynamic ministries from all over the world will share on foundational topics such as: Caring for the Orphan, Hearing the Voice of God, The Father Heart of God, Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare, Biblical Worldview, and more. Each day you will learn to apply these to your life. But being a disciple of Christ does not end there; we do evangelism on the world famous strip, equip foster families for success, love abused and neglected children, and mentoring are all examples of the kinds of outreach you will participate in. You will have an opportunity to serve alongside Foster Connect, a YWAM foster care ministry, as you discover firsthand the struggles and joys the come from working on the front lines of orphan care.

Outreach Phase

The next 8 weeks of the Orphan Care DTS we will travel overseas and put into practice everything we have learned about making disciples of every nation (Matt 28:19). We will live out in a practical way what “pure and faultless” religion truly is (James 1:27). We will partner and serve ministries that are advancing the Christian Orphan Care Movement caring for the millions of orphaned children worldwide. We will grow and become more equipped with the tools needed to pioneer an orphan care or foster care ministry, or join an existing one. Previous outreach locations include Thailand, Central America, India, Nepal, and Africa.


Jan 29, 2018 – June 15, 2018
Sep 3, 2018 – Jan 18, 2019

Lectures $3395
Outreach $3500 – 4000

Previous schools have gone to Thailand/ Cambodia, India/Nepal, and Greece/Nepal.

Start now by filling out your initial Application Form.
Submit 3 Reference Forms: – One (1) by your Pastor, one (1) by a leader and one (1) by a friend.
Sign and send us a Consent Form. (This can be send in the mail, by fax or by email.)
Send us your $30 Registration Fee by Mail or through Paypal.

Note: Husbands and wives enrolling as students must complete separate applications.
Note: Visas for non-US citizens. Upon acceptance into the DTS, YWAM will issue a letter of invitation for you to present to the embassy or consulate in your country to aid you in your application for a USA Visa. DTS students are to apply for a B1 or B2 visa. Our letter leaves the decision up to the officiating consulate for final determination. You should begin looking into the requirements for these visas as soon as possible. The process can take up to 6 weeks after you’ve been accepted to the school. Do not apply for your Visa until you receive your official acceptance letter and the letter of invitation from the DTS Registrar’s Office. You cannot be approved for a Visa without it.
Note: Applications will not be reviewed until all parts are received and files are complete.

Finance Policies

1. A non-refundable registration fee of USD $30.00 is due prior to acceptance.
2. A deposit of USD $500 is due after acceptance to secure your spot. This is due two months prior to the DTS start date or as soon as possible. Deposit goes toward lecture phase tuition.
3. Lecture Phase tuition is USD $3395.00 (deposit goes toward this amount). Half of the lecture phase cost is due on start date of DTS. The other half is due at the end of week 6.
4. Outreach Phase tuition is USD $3500.00-$4000.00. Outreach cost varies depending on location and number of students in school. Half of the outreach phase cost is due end of week 4. The other half is due at the end of week 9.

How to Pay

Checks should be made out to YWAM. Please do not write anything in the memo of the check but rather include a separate note designating it for the person.

Online Payments can be made by credit card or through paypal. Simply click the donate button at the top of the page, enter the amount and include a note in the memo of who the money is for.

*DTS fees are are not tax deductible donations