Human Trafficking

With well over 27 million people trafficked throughout the world today, there are more slaves in today’s world than at any other time in human history. Human trafficking, through forced labor and sex trafficking, is a world wide industry that spans from well known places, such as India and all the way to rural, mid-west America. With such travesties in our own back yards and throughout the whole earth, the time has come for the abolitionists to step forward! At YWAM Las Vegas, it is important to us that we Serve the church, Reach the city and Change the nations through our calling to anti-human trafficking.

We seek to serve the church by becoming involved in the prevention of human trafficking through education and awareness, for youth groups and whole congregations. Human trafficking is an attack on the family and it’s a subject that, often, many are unsure of how to approach. YWAM Las Vegas seeks to offer churches our knowledge and awareness talks from a strong, faith based perspective that encourages biblical family principles and gives approachable options of getting involved in the fight against human trafficking for various age groups and families who are interested in doing their part.

YWAM Las Vegas is directly partnered with various organizations, government entities and ministries in the Las Vegas valley who are actively combating human trafficking. We seek to serve and change the city through these connections. Offering our time and aid to help accomplish over-all goals for the city. Through these connections, we have endless opportunities to be a part of prevention, rescue, after care services and support services for other’s fighting the battle. YWAM Las Vegas is also active in the Mayor’s Faith Initiative group for anti-human trafficking, click to learn more about this initiative. As Las Vegas is in need of much love and in need of freedom for slaves, YWAM Las Vegas leads neighborhood outreaches to make contact with women caught in sex-slavery and give them an opportunity to feel valued through these outreaches.

We actively reach the nations with our passion for freeing the slaves and with Christ’s love through our Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreaches. Our students, after spending 3 months in a training program, are sent abroad for 2 more months. Our students go out to get involved internationally. Bring hope, love, peace, justice, freedom and the gospel to nations such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. While overseas we practice many of the same princeples and ministries that we do in Las Vegas. Partnering with local missionaries, restoration homes, services and outreaches for exploited women.

Year after year we witness the pain and tragedy of human trafficking domestically and abroad. We firmly believe through new sprouting ideas and our current efforts, in partnership with other world-wide efforts there can be a day where slavery is no more!

YWAM Las Vegas is currently pioneering a new ministry focused on reaching women who are exploited through sex trafficking, sexual assault, domestic abuse, homelessness and extreme poverty. We plan to continue and expand our efforts locally and globally until freedom and justice is accomplished.

Will you join the fight?

Contact us directly, for more information on any of our anti-human trafficking efforts at!