Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Speak for the Silenced!

There are, by recent estimates, more than 30 million people enslaved throughout our world today. Human slavery and the trafficking of humans is happening all over the world. Here in Vegas in rears its ugly head as an openly ‘hidden’ part of our city. Girls have masqueraded around in showgirl outfits. Others work in the supposedly legal industries of stripping or ‘escort services.’ Most of these girls are not in this line of the profession because they want to be. Often they are trafficked as teenagers and left no choice. Many people believe that prostitution is legal here in Las Vegas so they turn their head at the sight of a girl being sold in the street. The reality is that prostitution is not legal within the city limits and human trafficking is occurring beneath the surface.

YWAM Las Vegas has been actively involved in anti-trafficking efforts in collaboration with partners across the city for several years. God began to highlight this issue especially as one needs merely to step out the doors of our facility into the alley to witness trafficking take place. We are located on the West Side of Las Vegas, which is one of the neediest and most politically charged neighborhoods of the city. Our efforts at YWAM Las Vegas have included raising awareness of the issue, training college-aged youths how to combat trafficking, and to sharing the love of God and providing resources directly to victims.
Butterfly Effect is our newest effort to fight this issue and see the historic West Side changed! While working with victims of trafficking, we have discovered that it is not as simple as addressing one single issue; we need a diverse approach. Butterfly Effect is a ministry that works in a holistic and multifaceted way to see transformation occur. Our mission is to

Fill practical need, create relationship, and open doors to a new future for those caught in trafficking, addiction, and homelessness in the greater Las Vegas area.

We do this by:

  1. Filling practical need through our programs like grocery assistance, giving out water, and the distribution of survival kits to those trapped in the world of trafficking.
  2. Creating Relationship through our outreaches and in-reaches such as our monthly banquets, nail day, and weekly street reaches.
  3. Opening Doors to a New Future through creating a partnership with existing organizations and ministries to get those we serve the resources they need such as housing, ID recovery, detoxing, and rehabilitation and restoration programs.Our heart as Butterfly Effect is to be advocates for those seeking hope and a fresh start.
  1. Join our weekly outreach team;

  2. Become a monthly financial partner;

  3. Donate salon items, hair styling items, toiletries, nail polish, remover, acrylic kits, feminine products, etc.;

  4. Sponsor one of our monthly banquets;

  5. Volunteer to help with nail day, filling bags, etc.

Email: butterflyeffect@ywamlasvegas.org
Phone: (702) 658-5450