We have had some ups and downs pioneering a ministry focused on combatting human trafficking and reaching at risk women here in “sin city” for the last 2-3 years. Momentum is now swinging in our favor! God is faithful!

Bette and her team of beautiful ladies (from left to right Rachel, Selina, Sav, and Bette) have come together with the singular, full-on focus. The following is the name and mission of our new ministry:

Butterfly Effect
Beautiful by Design

“Filling Practical Need, Creating Relationship, and opening doors to a new future for those caught in trafficking, addiction and homelessness in the greater Las Vegas Area.”


The current refugee crises has been called the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. We aren’t allowed to publish photos of the amazing things our teams have been doing or will do amongst these refugees in Greece, but we can show this photo with one of the team leaders in the middle of a life jacket graveyard. Two more teams (19 missionaries) are heading back again in a couple weeks. Pray for these refugees; that many would come to know Jesus and that His kingdom would come in a powerful way to those that are hurting the most!

Outreach to South Africa and Greece in 2 weeks!

Outreach to Nepal and Greece in 2 weeks!

Three more adoptions in our Foster Connect network!

Free Prayer on Freemont Street