We interned 23 fabulous missionaries from all over the country with the intent to saturate this city with love and good news. Additionally hosted, trained, and sent out about two hundred teenagers who came for one week long mission trips. Below is a photo of the interns and a bit of what happened over the summer. We shared the gospel with upward of 50,000 people in mostly smaller group or one on one settings; we often follow the simple model that Jesus gave in Matthew 10 of going out two by two.


At our monthly community banquets we serve about 125 people and shower them with the love of Jesus. At our August banquet a lady came up to us and begged us to help her get out of her lifestyle of addiction and working the streets. We are helping her begin the difficult process of getting into detox/rehab and off the streets. A week later another woman pounded on the door during our morning prayer time. We are helping her get out too. We believe that the Lord is going to grow us in the capacity to really disciple these dear ones. Please pray for them and us as we try to figure this out!

Our current Discipleship Training School (DTS), some pictured above, is going to Mexico next week for their mid-lecture-phase outreach. They will work with Syrian refugees in Greece for their international outreach for the months of November and December. Pray for them!

One week we had over 80 people staying in our ministry center; it was so packed that luggage was spilling out from dorms into hallways!

The roof of our YWAM ministry center is done! We did it with $40,000 worth of donated labor and materials. This will help set us up to reach the West Side of Las Vegas and beyond for the next 30 years.